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Rebuilding Lives, Restoring Hope

Since 2004, the volunteers and chaplains of Kentucky Jail Ministries have provided Bibles, discipleship and basic life skills developmental resources to the men and women in Kentucky’s correctional facilities.  Nearly every day of the week, a member of the KJM team is visiting incarcerated men and women, sharing encouragement, building faith and providing hope in hopeless situations.  Equipping inmates for successful reentry into society and, more importantly, equipping them for eternity is the number one priority of our volunteers and chaplains.

Our Bibles, resources, Life Skills 101 curriculum are always provided free-of-charge to inmates and their families.


Resources on the shelves at Kentucky Jail Ministries headquarters in Florence, KY. They are replenished frequently.

Answers for Everyday Life

Kentucky Jail Ministries distributes three study Bibles…

Free on the Inside–Developed in conjunction with Prison Fellowship, this a large-print New International Reader’s Version translation Bible.

Santa Biblia–the Spanish New International Version of the Bible.

The Life Recovery Bible–created by two recovery experts, David Stoop, Ph.D. and Stephen Arterburn, M.Ed., The Life Recovery Bible is the #1 selling recovery Bible based upon the 12-step recovery model.


Kentucky Jail Ministries distributes three Bibles free-of-charge to the men and women in Kentucky’s correctional facilities, including the Santa Biblia, The Life Recovery Bible and the Free on the Inside Bible.

A New Direction…Equipped for Success

Life Skills 101 is a seven week course providing basic skills training in areas such as banking, resume writing, interview skills, and relationship development. Encouraging motivation for change, Life Skills 101 curriculum leads each student through the practical, physical steps of transformation empowering them to experience true hope.  Men and women are challenged to replace destructive thoughts with constructive thoughts based on eternal truth.  Real life application is encouraged and essential for success.  Upon completion, men and women are prepared for a successful reentry into society.


Encouragement and Prayer

Men and women facing time in prison often feel hopeless and worthless.  Chaplains from Kentucky Jail Ministries are prepared to minister to these special needs. Whether providing clarification about Scripture verses or facilitating a Bible study, whether answering a request for prayer or speaking an encouraging word–our chaplains are equipped with the resources, sensitivity and experience to help restore hope and dignity.


From prayer to an encouraging word, our chaplains are ready to provide hope and help restore dignity to men and women facing time in Kentucky’s correctional facilities.

Life-changing, Mind-renewing Resources

From Purpose Driven Life to Bible studies, from personal enrichment to leadership development, Kentucky Jail Ministries delivers a diverse collection of life-changing, multilingual, Jesus-centered resources to the men and women in Kentucky’s correctional facilities.


Boxes of resources stacked, ready for distribution at the Kentucky Jail Ministries headquarters in Florence, Kentucky.

Get Involved

Whether supporting us in prayer or becoming a chaplain, discover ways you can help men and women in Kentucky’s correctional facilities through the outreach of Kentucky Jail Ministries.

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