“Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners…”  Hebrews 13:3

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We Believe

We do not believe in religion.  We believe in a relationship with Jesus Christ.  We believe that the gospel is the Good News, and God can restore our broken lives through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Our Team

Kentucky Jail Ministries is a 501 (c)(3) ministry operated by a Board of Directors.  Our staff includes an administrative assistant and a team of very dedicated volunteers and chaplains.

Our Story

On a Saturday morning, in April of 2004, three men convened for breakfast at the Frisch’s Restaurant on Dream Street in Florence, Kentucky. The location seemed appropriate as Tom Kelly, Tom Ison and Dave Sturm began discussing a dream of their own–one very close to their hearts.  This day would later be considered historic, for it marked the beginning of Northern Kentucky Jail Ministries–an answer to a muffled cry for help from the men and women behind the cement walls, security checkpoints, and iron doors of the Kenton County Jail.

As time progressed, Northern Kentucky Jail Ministries expanded into other area counties.  The men continued serving, meeting and praying.  One fact became very obvious, their dream to operate Northern Kentucky Jail Ministries was too small.  Correctional facilities across the Commonwealth of Kentucky held men and women whose lives were destined for destruction without intervention and hope.  From their small beginning on Dream Street, Northern Kentucky Jail Ministries has now transitioned to one of the largest prison ministries in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, known as Kentucky Jail Ministries.

During the course of ministry, Terry Carl, the Kenton County Jailer, asked Dave Sturm to develop a curriculum-based program for the men and women in the Kenton County Jail.  He requested the curriculum be structured to develop basic skills, elevating the inmate’s opportunity for a successful reentry into society.  Dave and the founding team members immediately began designing the curriculum.  The course would become known as Life Skills 101.

Life Skills 101 is now the cornerstone curriculum for the Kentucky Jail Ministries network.  From basic accounting to leadership development, the curriculum is restoring hope and rebuilding the lives of men and women throughout Kentucky’s correctional facilities.

From Kentucky Corrections Professionals…

“I am a 22 year Corrections Professional and have seen many faith-based groups come into a jail for services.  None of these groups, in my opinion, can equal the positive impact that the Kentucky Jail Ministries has on our prisoner population…”


“The Life Skills program offers offenders the opportunity to address…personal issues as well as teaching them how to be successful, productive citizens of society.  If we don’t minister, encourage, and educate our offenders then the chance of success is very low.”


“Kentucky Jail Ministries has developed a Life Skills program to aid individuals in their reentry into society…[to] develop skills needed to be successful in every day life…writing checks and taking care of a bank account to creating a resume for a job position…Inmates have changed their attitudes and hope to become productive, law-abiding citizens upon their release.”


Our Core Values

Christ-centered values empower us to accomplish our mission and purpose.

Our Statement of Faith